Today, mobile marketing is red hot and when it comes to social media campaign, the concept works like magic. Communicating with your client while they are on the go, and why not when there’s data to prove the same. Did you know that mobile devices are alone responsible for attracting 71% of traffic to the social media sites? Well, it’s time to do a serious rethink on your social advertisement campaign if you still haven’t tasted the cherry on the top!

Amazing Tips for a Successful Social Media Campaign on Mobile.jpg
Amazing Tips for a Successful Social Media Campaign on Mobile.jpg


Try these 6 amazing tips for an effective social media campaign on any kind of mobile devices:

Tip #1 Understand your product and its reach amongst a particular class of mobile device users

Smartphones, tablets, iPhones – there is no dearth of the different kinds of mobile devices that you can target. But the point is to understand what specific kind would serve as a proper representation for your brand. Take for instance Facebook and Twitter which are commonly accepted among the masses. On the other hand, LinkedIn and Pinterest serve a select group of users. So, If you are planning to promote your product in a special social media then you need to be aware of the mobile devices that support the particular media. Windows or Android – which platform/s is it going to be – that’s the decision to make.

Tip #2 Design the campaign well

To design the right campaign you must have the expected result clearly laid out in front of you. With that in mind, you know what kind of campaign you wish to go for – voting contests, merchandise sales, interactive sessions with users, etc. This will decide the kind of software you need to use. Mobile marketing is no more a rich man’s luxury. You can get extremely affordable m-campaign software which will serve the purpose well.

Tip #3 Promote the campaign

Once a social media campaign is designed and launched, the next important action on your part would be to promote it – why, of course on other social media platforms which is supported in the mobile device. If you have started a business campaign in LinkedIn, you can follow it up on the brand’s page in FaceBook and Twitter and seal with deal with Pinterest. Chances are you will get response from the most unexpected corners.

Tip #4 Have an incentive to offer

A good ad campaign always follows their marketing efforts with the right kind of prize for the customers. And, when it comes to mobile marketing, the prize doesn’t have to be an expensive iPad only, it can be as simple as a discounts on eateries or giving away movie tickets, be whatever it may, it should reflect the spirit of the product in it.

Tip #5 Have a proper call to action

The golden rule of any marketing campaign doesn’t change in case of social media mobile marketing. The marketing efforts should be clear from the communication with the clients. They should be encouraged to take the right step towards buying the product

Tip #6 Synchronize with other marketing tools

Mobile marketing as a standalone tool on mobile devices is a good way hold on to the attention of the customers, but credibility is a big thing. So, integrate it with other marketing strategies for best results.

A 360o marketing campaign should work best in introducing your brand to people, and social media campaign definitely plays a major role here. Using analytics and data to your advantage is an important tool in social media campaign in mobile. Making the campaign mobile friendly keeping in mind the different type of software platforms is something that can’t be ignored as well if you want a successful social media drive.

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